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A smart reply by an organic farmer


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Customer:-Yesterday I took spinach from you, but there was an insect in it.

Organic farmer:-Madam, I apologize for that ,it is a part of the mother earth,if it has been managed to survive in it, it means that the vegetable is safe to consume and is free from chemicals.

Note:-👆Based on true incident.

Encourage organic farming and don’t kill mother earth and her children’s(🐞🐜) by spraying chemicals unscientifically🙏.





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      Usually I don’t prefer to buy vegetables, fruits from branded supermarkets/marts,i usually prefer to go to the local market to buy.

      As usual today i was gone to the local market to buy vegetables, fruits for daily use. I saw an unusual thing that is ,a person was bargaining with an old lady ,who was selling vegetables that too for just (Indian)RS 20. The person who was bargaining was wearing branded items from top to bottom. His shoes costs may be nearly around 5000+ which was from a famous branded company. 20 Rs doesn’t contribute him in making a millionaire nor the old lady. I don’t know for what reason he was bargaining but I confidently say that why the old lady was negotiating with him, she was negotiating because it is the question of survival for her. Yes that 20 Rs is surely going to contribute to her for leading a house,that amount matters for her very much.

     Bargaining is a common thing which we all do but before bargaining please see that the street vendor get satisfied for the amount what we pay.

     Here the bad situation is that we all bargain with the the small scale sellers who earn for their livelihood whereas we give tip’s, service charges, and many more charges…………. to the people who do business by sitting in a A/C room’s, without questing or bargaining with them. It’s all just because of status.

    Please don’t bargain with the street vendors especially with the handicaps,old age people and pregnant women’s. They are not doing business in the intention of buying a car, branded items, or building a house, for them it is a question of surviving/meeting necessary needs.

Note:– If possible try to buy from local market where farmers sell directly without any mediator, which will be more helpful for the farmers.